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Here you will find the latest stories submitted my users of this site. Stories are edited for readibility, otherwise they are told by the user and we assume all information provided to be true. WARNING: Some stories may include “triggers” so please proceed with caution.


Unending Fight with Depression

Throughout my therapy sessions I kept most of my issues to myself. Though I couldn't figure out all that was going on with me, I was still unwilling to express ...
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Defend or Run Away from Fear

The pickup truck was filled with "good ole boys," five deep. As soon as I made eye contact with one, one yelled out: "You going to school boy?" At this ...
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Diagnosed & Fighting

My name is Alexis Smithers and I've been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, General Anxiety, disordered eating, and PTSD. I've been dealing with all of them since at least first ...
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Anxiety, Depression: A Young Black Woman’s Mind

I have always felt that I dealt with depression and anxiety. I remember times during semester breaks in high school that it was always a struggle to get out of bed ...
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Depression and Multiple Attempts of Suicide

    This is 26-year-old Jasmin Pierre’s story about her experience with depression and encounters with suicide. This collaborative piece was in part written by Pierre and as told to over the ...
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