Let’s keep it real: for many of us, it’s difficult, if not seemingly impossible, to reveal personal details about ourselves. Whenever we’re feeling down or challenged, we do our best to avoid showing it. That’s just what we do. We’re “strong” black men and women and more often than not, we uphold each other to be just that.

So to hear that someone is facing mental distress, we as a community may question the “strength” of an individual. Culturally we view mental illness as a weakness, or “the devil,” or… well, you get the picture. But in reality, mental illness is just that – an illness affecting the mind. Like any other illness (e.g. pneumonia, asthma, cancer, etc.), mental illness does NOT discriminate, and can affect ANYONE – black or white, young or old, rich or poor.

And, like all other illnesses, treatment is often required for mental illness to avoid worsening. When left untreated, mental illness can often lead to a variety of long term problems, and can potentially be deadly.

Part of Black & Blue’s mission is to allow members of our community to share their experiences with mental health. The more we share our experiences with mental health, the closer we get to ending the stigma, and the more educated the black community becomes. How? Because A.) it shows just how indiscriminate mental health is (i.e. you may visit our site and see that someone you know has shared their story) and B.) those suffering in silence can see that they’re DEFINITELY not alone.

A full list of FAQs to come… stay tuned. Have a question for us? Please contact us.